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i75 Upgrade & Programming Guide

Installation Instructions

Install the Ascom Portable Device Manager application (version 3.1.8) to your PC from the CD included with the programming cradle (PDM-SA). If your Portable Device Manager application is not version 3.1.8, download it here:

PDM software version 3.1.8

Connect the Ascom Portable Device Manager programming cradle via USB port.

After downloading the latest handset code from the link below, extract the files to a location on your hard drive.

Ascom i75 handset software v1.6.12

From the "Start / Programs" menu, open the "Ascom WinPDM / Ascom WinPDM" application. Click "File | Definition Files", then Click the "Add" button, selecting the .def files you extracted above. Click "File | Software", then Click the "Add" button, then select the .bin file you extracted above.

Cradle a phone in the Ascom Portable Device Manager. A windows message may prompt to install i75 drivers the first time - Select "Install Automatically". Select "Do Nothing" and click "Next >".

The following dialog will appear:

Highlight and Right Click on the i75 handset and select "Upgrade" on the left menu bar.

A window will pop up. Select the latest available software version (1.6.12) and follow the prompts to load the software.

The "Upgrade Status" will be displayed on the screen.

Once completed, remove the handset from the cradle and the handset should reboot. After the reboot, press *#46# to verify that the SW Version is 1.6.12.